Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 32: The Reward…

True to Murakami-san’s word, I was presented with the following trophies last night–two bottles of KuroUma Shochu and one giant can of Asahi. It was a nice little celebration for the two of us that was spent eating and drinking well after the last customer paid his bill. And on this night, Murakami-san refused to let me pay for anything so I must start off by saying thank you to him. (FYI, I got home late so this post is one day behind.)

No ramen on this night so the streak officially stands at 31. I was more interested in trying a curry dish all to myself so I decided to order the Beef Curry. The Beef Curry was more like steak curry and it was awesome! The juicy, tender strips of steak mixed with curry was exactly what I was craving. Foo-Foo Tei’s curry is so good it’s virtually indescribable! You’ll just have to come try it out for yourself!

All the entrees on the menu come with salad and miso soup. The original orange dressing is really really good and the miso soup helped dilute my shochu intake.

It wouldn’t be normal without the signature Murakami-san disappearing act. So on this night he disappeared and returned with a spinach salad covered with a mixture of egg, sausage, and a dressing that tasted like parmesan cheese. Underneath the spinach was a bed of fried onions that gave it an extra crunch. I love spinach, I love caeser dressing, I love sausage, and I loved this salad!

As we finished off the beer and shochu, we both couldn’t believe how time just flew by. We talked about his business and the joys and struggles of running a ramen restaurant, along with various lessons he learned in the process over the last eight years. He showed me the stats for the day with the #1 seller being the Nanchatte Tonkotsu. Shockingly, the Nanchatte sales just about tripled the next ramen on the list. The 2nd and 3rd items were the Ika Maruyaki and the Saba (not ramen), respectively. I couldn’t believe it. I knew they were popular, but not that popular.

We ended the night both feeling good and ready to move on from this challenge. I’m ready for what’s next. Are you??

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