Hanaichimonme – Los Angeles, CA (revisited)

333 S. Alameda St. #303
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-3514
Little Tokyo Shopping Center – 3F

Last year around this time, I was only 42 posts in to my ramen blogging adventure. And now, thanks mostly to a Foo-Foo October, I give you post #200.

You might be asking yourself why I chose to visit Hanaichimonme (again) for my 200th post. Well it’s very simple. Hanaichimonme has been around forever (at least as long as I can remember) and although they might not serve the best ramen in LA, depending on who you ask, they’ve indeed left a special mark on my childhood. And with the recent sale of the Little Tokyo Shopping Center, I feel that it’s more important than ever that WE try to keep the new plaza owners from eliminating those special memories…RIGHT?!!

Hanaichi Ramen: The best ramen in the Little Tokyo Plaza! Okay, so there’s not much competition if I put it like that, but it’s still a decent bowl in a nostalgic setting that could easily grow on you after a few trips. It’s a simple old school shoyu noodle that makes you feel like a kid again–at least that’s what it does for me. So before you begin to hate on something that (in your opinion) doesn’t measure up to that other place on 1st street, let’s just take a step back and remember the simple times in life.

Hakata Ramen
: It’s not the rich, creamy tonkotsu that you might be used to, but it’s a lot lighter and seemingly healthier than the best. The toppings (moyashi, shoga, menma, wakame, negi, sesame seeds) are very average, but it wouldn’t be the same without them. The most popular dish on their menu, Spicy Chanpon, also uses this soup as its base.

Manufactured or not, the noodles at Hanaichimonme are worth remembering. I like them a lot and their thin, chewy spaghetti-like texture do nothing but improve anything they touch.

It’s been about a week between posts (an interesting week at most) and I’d like to just give a quick thanks to everyone who inquired about my situation with the fires from last weekend. They did come fairly close to my home, but luckily mother nature and the courageous firefighters kept them from spreading. For those that weren’t as fortunate, my thoughts are with you and I hope you are all able to overcome this great tragedy.

12 Replies to “Hanaichimonme – Los Angeles, CA (revisited)”

  1. Great Ramen soup place and deserts! Family friendly too! No other place like it. Fast service too.

  2. I Love Hana-ichimonme! I've been going there since I was 15 years old and now I'm 41. Now my children go with me and their grandparents too! Don't ever go away Hana-ichimonme!

  3. Hey Keizo,That’s great news! I knew some of the places have closed down and moved out. The supermarket was the big one moving out, but I’m glad to hear this place will stay. phew!

  4. Good news! I just heard back from the dude I know that works there and they are NOT being evicted. Apparently it was just a rumor. Whew!

  5. Hey Buddy,Bad mews. This place is part of the tenants that are being evicted in the building. I hope you heard differently. If not, I better hurry to this place. As in pronto!

  6. Wow really? I heard that they got rid of some shops but thought that Mitsuwa and Hanaichimonme would be fine. I know someone that works there so I’ll have to hit them up tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know! I think if that’s true we should form a ramen protest…hahaha.

  7. Hey Keizo,Do you know if this place is going to make it. I have heard the new owner of the building have just sent eviction notices. I have heard that Mitsuwa market is being evicted from this building and January is their last month in operations. Several of the other business are looking to move also. Don’t know if the place is going to last. LA Scoops, the little ice cream place had already close down (not the Scoops in Hollywood). 😦

  8. @Exile Kiss: Yes, the monjya was better (arigato!) but it would definitely be a shame if Hanaichimonme disappeared from the now Korean-owned Little Tokyo plaza.@Pepsi Monster: It’s not the best, but it’s a nice place to chill and enjoy a traditional, nostalgic bowl. Btw, I’ll take Pepsi over Coke anyday…hahaha.@wonton forest: Really? I’ll ask you who the next time I see you.

  9. Wow! I never really gave this place a try and I have been going to Honda Ya several times this past year. Surprising I just always skipped this place. Then again, truth to be told, I had been staying near 1st Street near Daikokuya, Koraku, and whatever that is out there within those two streets. Maybe I should give this place a pop next time. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Hi Keizo,Wow, I can’t believe you went back to Hanaichimonme! 🙂 Hehehe.But yah, it’s good to get some perspective on older places once you’ve tried the best.Even though I haven’t been back there for years, just seeing your pictures reminds me of the fond memories of the mediocre food. 😛 Hope the Monjya was better. (^_~)

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