Santouka – San Diego, CA

4240 Kearney Mesa Rd. #119
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 974-1101
Located in Mitsuwa Food Court

What’s a ramen trip to San Diego without visiting its newest, most highly anticipated, excessively hyped and much overrated ramen-ya that we all have come to love (and hate) over the years? That’s right. I’m talking about Santouka–everybody’s favorite food court ramen-ya.

Fresh off my Santa Monica visit, this might serve as a good comparison for those that are curious. As you may remember, I was quite impressed with the West LA location and couldn’t believe how much better it tasted when compared to Torrance or Costa Mesa. And now I was more than excited to finally complete the last piece of Santouka’s California puzzle.

Shio Ramen: I skipped the Toroniku today (to save stomach space) and ordered just the signature Shio Ramen. After a quick 10 minute wait, I was carefully balancing my bowl while searching for a seat. Sigh…Never being much of a Santouka fan, I was secretly hoping to have good things to say today. Unfortunately, this Shio Ramen was extremely disappointing. The soup was nowhere near its piping-hot-capability, the thin layer of oil to trap the heat was non-existent, and the noodles were frightfully undercooked, revealing a more-than-normal starchy disaster. I think I’ll blame it on the day or because the place is new…sort of (it’s been open since April).

Just looking at the noodles makes my stomach tremor. Something was definitely not right! But just to say anything positive, the ume was awesome!!…haha.

I’m still very happy that Santouka finally made it down to San Diego. There’s no doubt they need it and I’m sure that it will improve in time. I’ll be back, you can be sure of that!

Open 7 days/week

7 Replies to “Santouka – San Diego, CA”

  1. Hi Keizo,Wow, those Ramen noodles look undercooked! 😦 My condolences, and proof that besides West LA (which I still have to go and try), the other locations are getting worse and worse.

  2. Hi Pepsi! Yeah, I wonder why west LA never participated. Maybe none of the restaurants there were willing to convert for the fair. Anyway, it might be a good idea to save some gas, but when Mitsuwa has another ramen fair you can be sure I’ll be going to all locations!

  3. Hey Keizo,Could it be that the bowl got cold because you were trying to find a seat in the Mitsuwa Market? LOLDo you want to know what’s the funniest thing? Earlier this year when Mitsuwa decided to have the “Legendary Ramen Fair”. Guess which location get to serve all three ramen for the entire fair? Not West LA (which didn’t participate). It’s the San Diego location. I’m sort of surprised because the reason supposedly they get to do all three ramens was that the HQ view the SD location to be the most adequate. I have heard good things about SD comparable to CM, but didn’t think it was going to take that tumble.Then again, you know that “YOU KNOW WHO” often touted Santouka as the “McDonalds” or “In-N-Out” of Ramen. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to be call that.Well, now I know I won’t be going to SD for ramen. Save me tank of gas. Thanks Keizo!

  4. Hmm, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did, but that should be against the law!! I would be hella upset too! Maybe it has something to do with the water…i don’t know.

  5. They may have better noodle days but as far as I can remember the soup has been that way since the start. Do you think Santouka HQ(?) allows each location to deviate slightly to adjust to local taste? If they think San Diegan’s prefer a lighter soup I’d be upset!

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