Sushi To Sakedokoro – Anaheim, CA

8086 E Santa Ana Cyn Rd #155
Anaheim, CA 92808
(714) 998-3757
Exit Weir Cyn off the 91 freeway.

Sushi To Sakedokoro translates to a place for sushi and drinks. So what is a sushi-ya doing on a ramen blog, you ask? Well let me give you a little background first. This restaurant was originally opened by a family friend of ours a few years back and it used to be my dad’s favorite hangout. My stepmom even worked there for a short period of time up until it was sold to a nice Korean family last year.

So fast forwarding to today, the new owner’s son (Chef Jun, who’s also the head sushi chef) is a HUGE fan of Japanese ramen. And for the past five years, crafting a unique bowl of his own has been his passionate hobby. He remembers working in San Diego several years ago, stumbling upon a newly opened Tajima and trying an eye-opening ramen for the first time. The ramen had tickled his soul and he was forever hooked. Ahhh, I know the feeling. Just from hearing Chef Jun speak about his recent trip to Japan and how he ate ramen everyday tells me that his passion is for real!

Kimchee Ramen: Described as his specialty, Chef Jun meticulously began cooking at the small stove behind the sushi bar. His knowledge of ramen is purely based on curiosity. He’s had no training and relies heavily on Japanese books and TV shows that explain the improvised art. Throw in some Korean flair and you get the Chef Jun special–homemade kimchi sauteed with ground pork topped on a shoyu-based ramen that also includes egg, baby corn, negi, and sesame seeds. Although still in its infancy, you can taste the potential that his passion will bring. It wasn’t spectacular, but I know that in due time it will be. Pretty soon his dad will need to rename the restaurant to Sushi To Sake To Mendokoro!

Doesn’t this close-up look at the sauteed kimchi make your mouth water? Mmmm…right? Since Chef Jun is constantly experimenting, everyday might produce a different style ramen. He has no boundaries and no limits. He opens the gate and just lets his creative juices flow.

The noodles are store bought and nothing special, but Chef Jun does envision making his own someday. Perhaps his own full-fledged ramen-ya is in the works?

Oh yeah, and they also have sushi. On nights that are really busy and since ramen isn’t “officially” on the menu yet, Chef Jun may not have the time to make it, so you may want to ask first before you sit down. He’s looking into buying a bigger stove and hiring some more staff but until then your best bet is to go during off-peak hours.

And now if you’re stuck in the Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda area, there’s no need to travel far for ramen anymore. It’s a good location and definitely fills a void in that region. Let’s be patient and hope that Chef Jun can master the art of making ramen!

8 Replies to “Sushi To Sakedokoro – Anaheim, CA”

  1. Hi Keizo,Thanks for the review and info on this potential new place! 🙂 I hope Chef Jun has a breakthrough and creates some original Ramen that stands out soon.

  2. Ya, Kimchee ramen has actually been gaining popularity so you’ll see a lot more ramen-ya’s starting to serve it. I hope you get to try it!

  3. Kimchee ramen? Damn, that is something new. I gotta try this out. I have never heard or seen this thing before. I went to Albene in K-town once. They have Chinese style noodle with Kimchee in it, but doesn’t quite looked it. I’ll to hit here. Hopefully they will have it when I get there. Thanks Keizo for the tip!

  4. @Dennis: I agree! Maybe I should start experimenting…hehe.@edjusted: Thanks! Hopefully soon. He said he was gonna get a bigger stove today and see how the next few weeks go.

  5. Another good writeup! I”m not too crazy about kimchi but baby corn and sesame seeds sound interesting for a shoyu ramen. Any idea when ramen will become an “official” menu item?

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