Sayonara Mitsuwa – Little Tokyo…and Sakura.

Even though I saw this coming, the melancholic truth sends a pain towards my mere heart. What’s next? Yokohama Kaigenro? Hanaichimonme? Honda Ya? Go 55? Beard Papa? I’ll be the first to welcome the new Super H Mart (supposedly) taking its place, but 1/25 will still be a sad day. And although I won’t really miss Sakura‘s ramen, I’ll miss some of the other stuff they had.

No!…Thank you!!

I heard that they were having a clearance sale, but I guess the nama ramen wasn’t included. Oh well, they didn’t have my favorite anyway.

But I didn’t leave empty handed. 20% off of Koshihikari Echigo beer and Iichiko Frasco was too good to pass up.

Sayonara Mitsuwa! Sayonara Sakura!

8 Replies to “Sayonara Mitsuwa – Little Tokyo…and Sakura.”

  1. Daaaaaam! Did anyone see the line at Mitsuwa yesterday?? It was crazy long!! I guess everyone was trying to take advantage of 50% off. Anyway, I wasn’t one of them since I only stand in line if a good bowl of ramen is at the other end.

  2. Hi Keizo,Definitely a sad day for Mitsuwa / Yaohan Plaza. At least you got some excellent Koshihikari Echigo as you said! 🙂 Hope all is well.

  3. they are probably planning on making tearing down that building and making luxury condos.

  4. A sad day indeed. Mitsuwa was the last large stronghold in the Little Tokyo Mall and I won’t be surprised to see the rest follow suit. I just hope if they do leave the mall, they simply move, not disappear.

  5. Hi Dateline! I have a lot of great memories too and share your sadness. I just hope the entire mall doesn’t get transformed, if you know what I mean. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Holy crap, I can’t believe it….I nearly lived in Little Tokyo for about 3 years before I moved away from Los Angeles about a year ago…Actually, I wish I had known about your blog back then, since I was addicted to Hanaichimonme there for awhile. 😉 …I have a lot of great memories about times shopping at the Mitsuwa, and in around that mall…How sad that it’s being transformed, I really think it’s a shame.

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