The short history of GO RAMEN! – in pictures…

Ever wondered what would be found in my stomach after an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy? Yeah, I thought so! That’s precisely why I put together this collage of all the ramen ever slurped on this blog. It’s well over 200 pics in a span of 19 months and if I do the math correctly, that’s roughly 2.5 bowls per week (without including all the instant ramen or repeat visits that I never bothered to post).

Aaaah a life without ramen…is no life at all!

Are you hungry now? Cause I am! Think you can name where each ramen came from? Don’t worry, I probably can’t either.

8 Replies to “The short history of GO RAMEN! – in pictures…”

  1. @t3peace: Thanks! Or should I say Merci!@edjusted: Haha, thanks! I tried to make it scratch and sniff but my host wouldn’t allow it. 🙂

  2. @kelvlam: Thanks! The ramen diet sounds like a great idea…haha.@EK: Arigato~~ Kobayashi? Hmm…maybe someday but definitely not with hot dogs. 🙂@WoFo: Congratulations!! You’ve just won a free Wonton Forest Noodle Soup! Thank you for playing. 😛

  3. I’m speechless… –*AMAZING*–!I wonder… maybe in 2009 I could try on ramen diet? I need to shed just… say… 40lbs =P

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