Atch-Kotch – Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood)

1253 Vine St. #5
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 467-5537

Tragedy looms from the land of drama! No I’m not exactly referring to the ramen (although I easily could), but I’m actually talking about how Atch-Kotch was unintentionally left off my 2008 ranking. Perhaps it was the extremely unimpressive Parko Ramen I ate the last time or maybe it’s just the Alzheimers kickin’ in a little early. Nevertheless, I came back for more to give them another chance…

“Sapporo-Style” Shoyu Ramen: Before I begin, there are two types of Shoyu Ramen on the menu: “Standard” and “Sapporo-Style.” Now…who in their right mind would want to just order “Standard.” Haha…j/k. But seriously, “Sapporo-Style” sounded 100x more appetizing. And when I asked what the real difference was, the waiter only mumbled that the “Sapporo-Style” contains moyashi and onions. Convinced that there was more to it than what he loosely described, I was expecting something great to make up for my last visit.

Okay, so it wasn’t great…but it was still better than before and somewhat curiously impressive. There was definitely more flavor this time around, most likely due to the onions and moyashi being sauteed before its marriage to the soup. This extra process also gave the soup more depth, which was a plus but a stronger, more polished shoyu-punch-in-the-face would have been nice. The noodles were typical but did a good job of soaking in some flavor and the chashu was surprisingly fresh and moist. All in all, I wouldn’t mind eating this again.

I would like to write some more, but I’m lazy and Heroes is about to start. I guess if I did remember to put them in the ranking, Atch-Kotch would belong somewhere in the 30’s. Peace!

3 Replies to “Atch-Kotch – Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood)”

  1. @Pepsi: It’s still worth a try if you’re in the area. I guess it’s not that bad if I think about it.@hugo: South Sea style Ramen with pork miso? Hmm…I’ll have to give that one a try. I wasn’t a fan of the gyoza but I still need to try their chahan. It’s nice to see that it’s still operated by a Japanese family too.

  2. Atch-Kotch is a nice alternative to all the pretentious places to eat in Hollywood. Their South Sea style Ramen with pork miso is my favorite one there. Very hearty and not to salty. Their Gyoza and Fried rice dishes aren’t bad either. Overall I just like how comforting the place feels. Very home like.

  3. You went all the way up to Hollywood for ramen?? Wow! Yeah, after looking over those photos, I would not be even considering that place above the 30s either. (and I only have 20s ramen-ya that have been visited).So you can tell this place will be low in my books.Kiezo, you gave this place a Christmas gift….by not sparing them of a humiliation of being in the 30s. LOL!!

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