Bamboo Teri House – Long Beach, CA

3391 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 595-6049

I recently got a tip from a reader that Bamboo Teri House in Long Beach is now serving ramen on the weekends. So naturally, I waited anxiously for the week’s end and decided to make the trek down there before the rain comes in today. Hmm…a teri house experimenting with ramen usually equates to something very bad, but what the heck! I’ve taken several for the team in the past couple years so why stop now. BamTeri, as I like to call it, serves 3 types of ramen: Shoyu, Miso, and Spicy Miso. Which one do you think I chose?

Shoyu Ramen: Yup, you know me all too well–I chose the shoyu. But after seeing the corn topping, I thought “perhaps the owner is from Sapporo…darn I should have chosen the miso!” Anyhow, let me first say this about the ramen: For $5.99 a bowl you pretty much get what you paid for, but it’s still a great deal to satisfy a quick fix. Plus, you won’t find anything else in Long Beach. The soup was very light but still had a good flavor. Not great…not bad…just somewhere in between. The toppings (chashu, negi, corn) were minimal due to the price, but the chashu was still quite impressive. The way it fell apart and melted in my mouth was heartwarming.

The noodles matched perfectly with the soup. I doubt that they are homemade, but the chewy crinkles did their job by satisfying my appetite. All in all, I see potential! Bamboo Teri House might someday be renamed to Bamboo Ramen House. Then I could call it BamRam.

Gyoza (Deep-Fried): If I was drinking, then I might have thought these gyoza’s were good. Since I was not, I thought…bleh. I’m not a big fan of deep-fried gyoza’s anyway, but I had to try them.

Once again, ramen is only served on the weekends…for now.

8 Replies to “Bamboo Teri House – Long Beach, CA”

  1. ramen is served all day now!

    and they have yaki gyoza now, which is pan fried. big difference from the deep fried.

  2. I live just down the street from them! I didn't know they served ramen! Now I'm going to have to find a reason to go there to eat.

    Hmmm… Sometimes the craving for noodles is just so strong.


  3. Deep Fried Gyoza? Are these Chinese owners? It looked almost Fried Won Tons. LOL!!!Seriously, that almost like something that belongs in a Chinese restaurant. Damn, now I am curious what Miso ramen looked like. 😛

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