Santouka’s Limited Edition Toromi Shoyu

I received a ramenramenramen alert last week in the form of a text message declaring a limited edition Toromi (Gravy) Shoyu Ramen being served at a Santouka near you (thanks edjusted!). And by “limited” they sure do mean it. They will be serving just 20 bowls/day until Sunday (3/8). So with 3 days left, you only have 60 chances to visit your local Santouka and give it a try. You better get there early too because 20 bowls can disappear in a flash (especially when I’m hungry).

I’ll try to keep this brief cuz I know you’re in a hurry to get in line. (If you can, check out edjusted’s blog for a more detailed post.) I’ll get straight to the point. Until today, I’ve never been completely satisfied with a bowl of ramen from Santouka! I’m a sucker for gravy and this was undeniably amazing. Individually, the toppings (menma, chashu, abura-age, minced pork, negi, goma, caramelized onions) may not have been great, but as a team they were coached by the John Wooden of ramen–a.k.a. Toromi Shoyu.


Yum! Yum!

Ooooh…can you feel the gravy inching meticulously down your throat? Mmmm…

Darn…all gone! One down, nineteen more to go…hahaha…j/k I won’t hog them all for myself. Now you better get out there quick! Hurry…run!

I still don’t know why the Costa Mesa Santouka doesn’t provide proper renge spoons…oh well.

5 Replies to “Santouka’s Limited Edition Toromi Shoyu”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I headed there on Saturday thinking I would miss out, but at least I could still get the shio. Fortunately, they still had it, and the gravy soup was awesome. I liked it better than the shio as it didn’t seem as rich/oily, and I really liked the minced pork. Why is this a limited edition? Lame.

  2. I’ve burnt my tongue so many times I can barely feel anything anymore..haha. I agree, I’d be there all the time too!

  3. @Dennis: really? I guess we gotta head down to SD for some *real* spoons!@Keizo: yeah, I really hate those cheap spoons. Wasn’t the gravy good? Did you burn your tongue like I did? Haha. If they made this a regular dish, I’d go there all the time!

  4. I had this yesterday too Keizo! I thought it was pretty good. Hey we get a proper renge spoon with our bowls here! pfff. 😉

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