Santouka’s Limited Edition Awase Aji Ramen

As luck would have it, I had planned on driving down to OC today so you can probably imagine my excitement when I read edjusted’s ramen alert this morning. If you can’t imagine it, well…nevermind. Anyway, I’m really busy and I should be working right now so I’ll keep this short. (And shhhh, don’t tell my boss.) Stay tuned to edjusted’s blog for a more professional review.

The Awase Aji Ramen is a mixture of Santouka’s Miso, Shio, and Shoyu with a little bit of fish powder and pirikara. Its “chibi” size comes with a bowl of rice so you can add it to the soup after you’ve run out of noodles. We’ll get to that later.

Mmm…not bad! The mixture of the three produces a complex flavor with a subtle sweetness and a mild kick. The chashu was juicy, the egg was rubbery, and the specially marinated menma had a good smoked flavor.

“Yeah…we just chillin’ on this chashu raft in a pool of ménage à trois ramen.”

It is recommended that you dump the rice in the soup “chazuke-style” after you’ve slurped up everything. Oooh…I may have to start doing this with all the ramen I eat. Not bad at all…

Unfortunately, the Awase Aji Ramen is limited to this weekend only and there are just 20 bowls per day. You should probably get there early if you want to try it (11am open) because at 10:50am today the line was almost reaching Italian Tomato. Ganbatte!

I’m starting to like these limited edition ramen. Santouka, keep them coming!!

Only 4 more days…

4 Replies to “Santouka’s Limited Edition Awase Aji Ramen”

  1. @Dennis: I think it was more of a blend. There may have been some niboshi too.@edjusted: Yes, you’re a professional! I hope your plea for real spoons works!@bitesandbolts: Have I ever let you down?? haha. You should really thank ed though.

  2. Thanks for the review! I knew I could count on you to have the scoop on the awase aji ramen.

  3. “a more professional review”?! Are you sure you’re reading *my* blog? Haha. Thanks! Yeah, that ramen was good! Luckily there wasn’t a line today. I hope they keep this up!

  4. Thanks for the post Keizo, was very interesting.. Do you think the dry fish powder was straight katsuo or a blend? I need to start dumping my rice into the ramen too!

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