JapanUp! Vol. 22 – Ramen Special

In case you haven’t found a free copy of this month’s JapanUp! magazine laying around your favorite Japanese market, here are some pics. I’ve been a fan of JapanUp! since the magazine debuted 22 issues ago. Not because it’s the greatest free pub out there, but because it’s the only English alternative. And it can be pretty interesting at times.

The funny thing is, I’ve sent several emails over the past year asking them to do a ramen special. None of them were returned, but I guess they finally did it. I don’t know…it would have been nice to have a section on us local ramen blogs. Nevertheless, it was a good issue and it helped the overall exposure of ramen so I can’t complain.

The various regions of ramen were also featured. Although, it didn’t seem complete!

Ramen-ya’s around LA. Hmm…I’m noticing a trend. I only see ramen-ya’s that regularly pay for ads. If you do a special on ramen in LA, shouldn’t you include every ramen-ya??

Man, this is making me want to create my own LA Ramen Guide. What do ya think? Shall I do it? You wanna help? Oh wait, but I already have this blog and I’m not a big fan of wasting paper.

Ahh, Sun Noodle. They seem to sponsor everything. What? Free gift with every kids set at Shin-Sen-Gumi? Darn, the fine print says 12 or under.

An interview with Aaron Woolfolk–a man who respects the mighty slurp!

Toppings anyone? This is actually pretty cool. It tells you which toppings go with which soup base.

Where is Sharman Oaks? Hahaha!!

That’s all. I almost forgot to mention the staff of Shin-Sen-Gumi Gardena on the cover. Nice job!

8 Replies to “JapanUp! Vol. 22 – Ramen Special”

  1. Hi Keizo,Thanks for the heads up. Yah, that’s a really good point – so sad that they feature Ramen-yas that are Paid Advertisers and missing many others.

  2. hey cool, I gotta go pick up a copy.keizo & rameniac: I actually started mocking up something similar to worldramen's ramen shop guide but got distracted by other stuff. haha. hmm…

  3. @wonton forest: just make the check out to me! haha!@rameniac: sounds like a great idea! I’ll hit you up when I get back from my trip.

  4. wow that’s awsome! about the advertising part, i was offered a review in a famous chinese newspaper. only if i paid for advertising tho. so of course i had to give them the finger

  5. @Dennis: Hmm, a ramen zine might just work! haha!@檀: Ahh yes, an English version of the ramen database would be ideal. I’ve actually discussed this with my tecky friends. Doh! I must not say anything further…

  6. Woo, thanks, I’ll pick this up tomorrow. You should definitely do a guide, but just put it online. I want to search for “tonkotsu shoyu” and see what the top pick is. Japan has a ramen database, why don’t we?!

  7. Cool Keizo! I don’t think we have that publication down here.. Anyway do you remember Zines? You should totally do one all black and white, blurry and underground!!

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