Day 1 – Planes, Buses, and Bassanova!

I’ve made it! After the long plane ride and several beers to celebrate my arrival, there was only one thing on my mind…Bassanova. And although I was extremely tired, I was determined to not end the night without it!

Where’s that Green Curry button?? Oh, there it is!

Awww yeah! Just what I’ve been waiting for. This Green Curry Ramen is amazing! It’s even better after a few drinks. The spicy sweetness of the green curry really hits the spot.

And how could you resist this grilled chashu?!? Pinch me please.

These thicker noodles are great too. What a great way to start the trip!


Don’t believe me when I say it’s good?

Well, here’s the proof!!

Here are some more pics from Day 1. Enjoy!

So what shall I do on Day 2? Yokohama perhaps? We’ll see…

6 Replies to “Day 1 – Planes, Buses, and Bassanova!”

  1. Hi Keizo,Omedetou! 🙂 On starting your Ramen Journey! 🙂 I’m happy and jealous for you! 🙂 Bassanova is definitely on my must try next time in Japan! 🙂(And hai, your niece looks sugoku kawaii~ eating Green Curry Ramen, LOL :).Gambatte kudasai! (^_^)/

  2. @love, na: Thanks! She’s the ramen princess. One of them.@rameniac: Get on a plane now and get over here! I’m going to see Ivan on Monday. I’ll tell him you have 20+ reviews to do before you can get to his. haha!@Dennis: Hahaha! No. Hahaha!@Paul: It’s not too late to hand the wontons over to Murakami-san. I’m leaving for Hokkaido on Tuesday.

  3. i’m so jealous!!! but i’m happy for you! you are indeed on the dream journey!!!

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