Day 3 – Saturday Stroll, Instant Ippudo, and Takadanobaba’s Paichee Men

Tokyo has indeed become the hub of all ramen nationwide! Who needs to travel when you have everything right here? Well…that’s a good question! BUT eating Hokkaido ramen in Tokyo isn’t quite like eating it in Hokkaido so let’s just put that baby to rest and enjoy the show…

Sometimes you just gotta walk around the city without an exact destination. And that’s precisely what I did today. I’ve always heard good things about Takadanobaba and how it was home to “the next ramen boom.” So instead of researching for the best place to go, I thought I’d wing it and let my instincts lead the way. I originally wanted to go to Ramen Jiro, but unfortunately they were closed. So that’s when I stumbled upon Yatai Ramen Takaryu, a ramen-ya known for its Paichee Men (a white chicken specialty). And once I saw Amuro on the TV, I knew I had to enter.

From Takadanobaba station take exit 1 and make a left. Once you see the Ramen Jiro on the right, take a left on the next street and then a quick right. Takaryu will be on your left.

5 Replies to “Day 3 – Saturday Stroll, Instant Ippudo, and Takadanobaba’s Paichee Men”

  1. Next time you're in Japan, you should check out Afuri next to Ebisu-Eki. They have really good tsukemen and the atmosphere is fun.

  2. The noodles here weren’t very spectacular, but I’m writing this after I’ve tried some amazing stuff in Shirakawa and Sano.

  3. Hi Keizo,Very nice! 🙂 How was the noodles compared to the other places you’ve tried (or back home here? 😛 (loaded question I know)).

  4. It tasted very light and refreshing. A nice contrast to the porky stuff from the previous day. The garlic chips gave it a good kick but it was almost too intense.

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