Day 14 – Hangin’ out with Uncle Tan Tan…

My niece asked my brother today, “Why does uncle eat so much ramen?” Then we all just busted out laughing. Haha! It was hilarious, but I guess you had to be there. Hopefully, today’s slideshow will make you feel like you were.

I met my brother for lunch in Akasaka today because he swears that he works near the best Tan Tan Ramen shop in Tokyo. And you know what? He may be right! Intense, spicy, hot, sinus-clearing. Those are just a few ways to describe it. Chinese Restaurant Takekuma is a hidden gem waiting to be exposed! They also have a good Hot & Sour Ramen and an impressive Vegetable Tan Men.

Just down the street is Akasaka Ramen and their Pork Shabu Tsukemen Challenge. $100 for anyone that can finish it! Shall I give it a try? Maybe soon but not today…

Today was mostly about hangin’ out with my nieces. They are so damn cute! Future ramen geeks better watch out!

Got another day in Tokyo tomorrow until it’s off to Kyushu. Can’t wait!

7 Replies to “Day 14 – Hangin’ out with Uncle Tan Tan…”

  1. @EK: I don’t have to teach them. They were born with the knowledge. lol. TTM was a lot better than CMY.

    @edjusted: thanks.

  2. Hi Keizo,

    Dude your nieces are so awesome. 🙂 You’re teaching them the differences in Soup and Noodles already, right? LOL.

    The Tan Tan Men – How did it compare with the so-so Chin-Ma-Ya here in L.A.? (I know it’s a setup question, but just curious how much better it is 🙂

    The Pork Shabu Tsukemen Challenge is so WRONG! That’s made for Kobayashi and some Sumo Wrestlers, maybe. 🙂

  3. @Brian: Haha, you don’t wanna know!

    @Dennis: Yeah, it’s too bad there aren’t more of these places in the states.

    @paul: Uuuh…thanks for sharing. Would you like me to go take pictures of the hotel for you? Haha.

  4. Looks great Keizo! I had a kurogoma tan tan men before that was pretty good, forgot where though. It seems hard to find these soup varieties of tan tan men here in the states that are so popular there.

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