Day 16 – The volcanic gloom of Kagoshima

I arrived in Kagoshima after a two-hour flight and a 45-minute bus ride to the main train station only to discover a city full of dust and ash. In recent days, Sakurajima (one of Japan’s most active volcanoes) began spewing ash all over Kagoshima City, creating a gloom that masked the normally beautiful harbor. Walking around proved to be difficult without accumulating a bad taste in my mouth. I thought about staying longer, but the air did not agree with my lungs. Time to just get in a couple bowls and head out to Miyazaki.

My first bowl of Kagoshima Ramen came from a place called Wadaya. It was a traditionally light tonkotsu ramen with plenty of fresh moyashi and kikurage. It was definitely interesting to say the least. A tonkotsu flavor that doesn’t quite scream Kyushu, but is very typical of Kagoshima.

My second bowl came from a place called Garufu. They had a delicious-looking Kagoshima Kurobuta Ramen that caught my eye as I walked by. With so many ramen-ya’s to choose from, I had to make a quick choice. The thinly sliced kurobuta was great and gave the tonkotsu base a rich, heart-stopping flavor. I honestly felt my heart stop as the soup passed through my esophagus. Good or bad, it’s gonna be a crazy week in South Japan!

I wish I can elaborate some more on this day, but you know what? I’m just way too tired. Gomen. I finally arrived in Miyazaki and went out to dinner with some family friends that live in the area. They took me to some awesome tempura restaurant called Edokko in the heart of Miyazaki city. Unfortunately, it was a small restaurant frequented amongst the locals and I didn’t want to be rude with my camera. Trust me, it was amazing! Anyway, tomorrow should be fun. Miyazaki Ramen here I come!

8 Replies to “Day 16 – The volcanic gloom of Kagoshima”

  1. Thanks I starting my own ramen journey tomorrow, I will only have a 7 day pass though and I am anxious about going to Fukuoka for the first time and having Hakata ramen from a yatai!

  2. Hey Ken. If you buy them from the States they’re about $120 one way. At least that’s what I paid, but it can vary by season.

  3. Hi Keizo,

    Sorry to hear Kagoshima was doused in ash. 😦 That’s one city I wanted to go to on my last trip. But the Hanjyuku Tamago looks absurdly good at Garufu! (and the Ramen in general 🙂

  4. I was looking at the closeup of the kurobuta ramen and thinking…hmm…I wonder what all that shaved kurobuta would taste like on a sandwich…sacrilege, I know!

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