Day 22 – Wakayama’s Castle in the sky…

I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My body ached, my head hurt, and my nose would not stop running. I missed my morning train out of Hiroshima and contemplated staying one more day. Nope! I wasn’t gonna let a little cold ruin this trip for me…or you! So I finally left Hiroshima around noon with Shin-Osaka in my sight. And after a quick check-in at my hotel, it was off to Wakayama.

Thursday is probably one of the worst days to visit Wakayama. For some reason almost everything closes on a Thursday. As luck would have it, today was a Thursday. I’ve been eagerly awaiting to try the famed Ide Shoten for days now and of course it too was closed. Perhaps I should have stayed in Hiroshima.

But I did manage to find one place that was open–Marutaka Chuuka Soba. It wasn’t as popular or famous as Ide Shoten but it represented the Wakayama style very well, a tonkotsu-shoyu ramen with a deep, distinct flavor. You don’t know how good this ramen made me feel.

So after a satisfying meal, I decided to walk the streets of Wakayama when I turned the corner and saw this amazing castle floating in the sky. It was an unexpected sight in the middle of an urban street. The park around it was so peaceful. Walking around it proved to be a fitting end to a rather tumultous day. Have I ever thanked you for reading my blog? Thank you…

5 Replies to “Day 22 – Wakayama’s Castle in the sky…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Wakayama Shiro looks amazing! The Bridge and Gardens and the views… Thanks for the pics. 🙂

    Bummer about Ide Shoten being closed. And why are you wearing a Surgical Mask?! (O_o) 🙂

  2. @love, na: It was definitely a sight I will never forget. And the oyako don was really yummy!

    @Dateline Osaka: I wish I would have seen your comment sooner! It would have been great to meet up. Unfortunately, I’m leaving Osaka and heading to Nagoya today. Argh.

    @Pepsi: Never…hahaha.

  3. Oh hey! 🙂 Heading out Osaka way? It would be a lot of fun to meet up for some ramen once you get out here! There’s a few places near us I’d love your opinion of! One is in Abeno, the other is a champon place near Teradacho, called “NINNIKU POWER!”…I love that one, myself! GREAT sudachi chu-hi, too!

    Do please let me know if you’re up to it and in the mood to head out this way and meet up with a former Angeleno and her extremely shy J-hubby! ^_^

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