Day 23 – The Alchemist must live in Kyoto…

As this journey nears its end, I found the perfect place to reflect upon the past three weeks. It’s been amazing! Virtually unbelievable! So with only four full days left, I set out to make up for lost time. Today was crazy. I started out at Kyoto with the intent to see as much as I could in 2 hours. With so many places to choose from, I only had time to visit Kinkakuji. I had been here several years ago, but I really wanted to show all of you its breathtaking visual. I think the pictures say it all. I even met a deaf mute man that gave me a taxi ride I’ll never forget. Then it was off to Tenri where everything moved slow and didn’t open until night. I must have walked for at least an hour in search of the elusive Tenri Ramen. Seriously, the nearest ramen-ya to the station open for lunch was roughly 2 miles away. After a quick slurp and quick retreat from Tenri, I made the 2-hour train trek back to Wakayama. I wasn’t gonna leave until I ate at Ide Shoten and man was it worth it! Finally, it was back to Osaka for the night where I decided to enjoy a 280 yen Yoshinoya Gyu-don. Don’t ask me why. It just felt like the perfect ending.

Clockwise from top left: Tenka Ippin, Saika Ramen, Yoshinoya, and Ide Shoten. This is what I ate for the day. It’s probably not a diet recommended by mom or your doctor, but damn was it good! Haha. And please…eat at your own risk. 🙂

So without further ado, I give you the daily slide show. Next up Nagoya and the hot springs of Atami…oooh yeah.

4 Replies to “Day 23 – The Alchemist must live in Kyoto…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Ah, I love these posts! Hounto ni kanshashimasu! (^_^)

    I loved Kinkakuji as well when I went.

    Where’s the pics of everyone in the same “uniform” at Tenri?! I was waiting for that! 🙂

    Ide Shoten looked so good. My instant version isn’t the same, but it was oishii (arigatou! :).

  2. LOL, day 23??? I thought you left last week sometime! 😛 OK, so I haven’t read every post you made thoroughly, but did you check out the “ramen floor” of the Kyoto station? It’s the eleventh or twelfth floor, it’s basically nothing but ramen shops and a random coffee shop. There’s five ramen shops I think. To be honest, I tried two and they weren’t spectacular, but still kind of cool. 🙂

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