Sapporo Junren (さっぽる純連) – Instant 生 Ramen

You might hate me for this one. Especially if you live outside of Japan. So if you don’t want to look any further, let’s just hope your IT department blocks the pictures. (I know you read my blog at work…;)

Sapporo Junren is like the offspring of Sumire. I don’t know the exact story, but somewhere down the line they branched off in an amicable split. The kanji for Junren (純連) even used to be read Sumire. Interesting, huh? This also explains their similarity in taste. Not that that’s bad because they both make a mean miso ramen. Even this stuff in a box is tha sh**!

The contents include noodles, menma, miso paste, and lard. Yes, lard is the key ingredient here. Without it you might as well throw it away.

A little added bonus is this pack of “fresh” Sumire chashu I also brought back. No better time to eat it then now.

*グツグツグツ* That’s the sound of the miso paste and lard coming to a boil. Ouch! It splashed on my arm.

Let’s talk about the noodles first before I show you the grand finale. They have a medium thickness with a good chew that’s able to withstand the piping hot soup. Damn I miss Hokkaido…

Behold, the best-looking instant ramen ever! Great-tasting too! Yeah, I know I could have spruced it up with some green onions and/or moyashi, but look at that chashu!! You definitely missed out on this one! Sorry….

If you do happen to be in the Yokohama area, the Shinyokohama Raumen Museum is currently featuring Ramen No Eki, a collaboration between Junren and Sumire. Go check it out!

6 Replies to “Sapporo Junren (さっぽる純連) – Instant 生 Ramen”

  1. haha, you got me there! I do read your blog religiously!
    What a great blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful bowls of ramen with the world!!

  2. Hi Keizo,

    Awesome! 🙂 This looks great, and you have Instant Chashu to go with the Instant Ramen! 🙂

    If only we had that stuff here… sigh.

  3. Man I’m suffering food coma just by looking at that!! I took my friend to a tasting of Sumire when the fair was down here but it was too much for him. I loved it, though I don’t know how close it was to the real stuff..

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