Ajino-Kizuna (味の絆) – Instant 生 Ramen

It’s like giving a pig a bath in some really expensive sake, stuffing its mouth with gallons of lightly charred soy sauce, then giving it a big fat kiss. Mmmm…ma! Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain. Ajino-Kizuna is a “dream collaboration” between two legendary shops in the ramen world–Shinasobaya and Kurume Taiho. Need I say anything more?

It’s basically Kurume Taiho’s amazing tonkotsu soup mixed with Shinasobaya’s kogashi (charred) shoyu. The only way to describe it would be: A harmonius blend of instant pacification. It’s a tonkotsu-shoyu ramen worth writing home about.

The dried garlic chips are an added benefit that makes this dream come alive. The soup sticks to your lips as if you’ve been making out for hours. Trust me, you won’t want to stop.

The thin Kurume-style noodles contain Shinasobaya’s famed chlorella and they really taste impressive. If only it came with kaedama.

I think you’d want to try this one. Next time I’ll be sure to buy the gift pack. I would have loved to share it with you.

5 Replies to “Ajino-Kizuna (味の絆) – Instant 生 Ramen”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Sugoi! 🙂 I still have to say that Nama Ramen you had that came packaged with Chashu is still the most absurd thing I've seen, but this looks… amazing. 🙂

  2. Oh, too bad. I was going to say, wow, it came with chopsticks?!? How cool! But still, chopsticks specially designed for ramen? Awesome!

  3. that looks unreal. with the little garlic chips and white noodles, it almost looks like handpulled chinese noodles. i can’t even imagine what the mashup between those two would be like…now i guess i don’t have to! maybe i’ll look for it when i go to the ramen museum…

  4. Haha…My bad. I should have said chopsticks not included. I bought those separately at the raumen museum. They are specially designed for eating ramen and have little ridges on the tips. Pretty cool…

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