Breaking Ramen News: Daikokuya opening in Hacienda Heights…

As I was driving down Gale from Foo-Foo Tei to Wonton Forest this evening, I just happened to look up and see a big yellow sign that said 大黒家 (Daikokuya). So this is where it is, I thought. Wow, this could create some serious competition for Foo-Foo Tei and Tamaya. Let the best ramen win!

A quick glance inside showed me that they’re really close to being able to open soon. I can’t wait!! Hopefully, I’ll get a invite to their soft opening this time (hint, hint) and not get kicked out like at the MP location. Otherwise I might just have to use my rameniac connections…haha.

It’s on Gale East of Hacienda Blvd and across from Ojiya.

6 Replies to “Breaking Ramen News: Daikokuya opening in Hacienda Heights…”

  1. I think Tamaya will not survive…their ramen overall is ho-hum and mediocre.
    Once Daikokuya opens, I think we'll have a ramen show-down, between Foo Foo Tei and Daikokuya. It should be interesting. Hey by the way, Ojiya offers ramen on their dinner menu. Has anyone tried it? I've been to Ojiya quite a few times but have never ordered their ramen.

  2. I literally live 2 minute walk from this place. It is going to be amazing to not have to drive to Little Tokyo for my Daikokuya fix. I spoke with the workers one day and they told me they open on July 1st. However the signs now just say “July” so we will have to wait and see. I think Foo-Foo Tei will still be able to hold their own because of their wide variety of selections. As for Tamaya, I do not hold it in the same echelon as Foo-Foo Tei and Daikokuya.

  3. Hi Taren, likewise it was great meeting you and talking about ramen. I could've gone on for hours. Especially with someone who understands that feeling one gets from a good bowl. Maybe we'll run into each other again soon. Take care!

  4. Hey Keizo!

    I really enjoyed talking to you about ramen today at Wonton Forest. It's too bad we are losing a treasure of a noodle shop in Wonton Forest. I hope Chef Paul's talent is ressurected some where else some day!

    To me, a bowl of noodles is aken to a balm to the soul, a promise of warmth and rejuvenation on a cold day, or quite simply…happiness in a bowl. My first food memories are of times I spent in my Dad's ramen shop in Ueno, Tokyo, and of its motorcycle ally location. Every time I eat a bowl of ramen, I am transported back to a wonderful time in my childhood.

    I wish you luck on your dream of opening your own ramen shop some day! Happiness is easy to find, one bowl at a time.

    Diamond Bar, CA

  5. Yeah, haven't heard from you in awhile. Sorry to hear about the layoff.

    I hope you can make it to WoFo before they close. Don't forget to buy some chili sauce!

  6. Hey Keizo! I've been off the blogger sphere for a long while, after getting layoff an all =( … but now I have a job work from home! YAY! Great connecting back on Twitter hahahaha… that's my RSS feed nowadays, no more Google Reader.

    Anyhow, I was just at Foo Foo Tei on Tue for lunch and saw drove on Gale saw this EXACT same scene. I can't wait to try it out once it's open.

    And thx for the heads up about Wonton Forest. I'm very sad to see it go… =(

    I'm trying to organize a last trip on Fri for dinner with my church fellowship group, before those great yummy food be gone!

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