Thank You Wonton Forest!

I’d like to take a break from my recent series of posts to say thank you and goodbye to what quickly became my favorite local hangout. As you may already know, Wonton Forest sadly closed its doors today. With amazing wontons, refreshing soup, and the coolest staff, it’s very hard to believe that this day has come. But what can you do. Blame it on location, blame it on the economy, blame it on the rain, blame it on whatever you want. Good food or not, the people just didn’t come.

I first came here last November right after I had completed that crazy Foo-Foo Challenge. It was then that I learned Chef Paul and I shared a mutual friend from college. Wonton Forest soon became my Cheers. It was on my way home from work and I soon found myself stopping by 2-4 times a week. The food was great and the friendships I formed with the staff were priceless.

I first posted about WoFo on a popular food site. I won’t say whiCH one, but I was soon banned from making any comments related to Wonton Forest. Yeah, their reason (sent to me in a f’d up email) was because I was too close to the owners and my opinions were now biased. Flattered, I decided never to use that site again.

In recent weeks, Paul gave me a chance to work at WoFo so I could experience first hand a day in the life of a small restaurant. He had me cutting green onions, shredding chicken, mincing pork, taking orders, bussing tables, washing dishes, and more. I got to see the frustrations that come with being slow and the stresses that come with being busy. Overall, it gave me a totally different view of things and much more respect for what small local restaurants and their owners go through everyday. You’re right Paul, it’s bitter sweet!

So before I get too emotional, I just want to say thanks to everyone at Wonton Forest. Thanks for putting up with all my drama and thanks for being there to share my joys. And even though you’ll be replaced by a ramen shop, it’s never gonna be the same. Good luck to everyone, especially Paul and Sarah. I know you’ll be back!

Now let’s go finish off the rest of the Jack!

12 Replies to “Thank You Wonton Forest!”


  2. @edjusted: sad indeed. yeah, i think location played a big part. i agree, wofo would do well in irvine.

    @kelvlam & @PM: It's an F site! and the F does not stand for food. haha.

    @Keri: be careful what you ask for…hehe.

  3. I must hang out with this knife-wielding green onion master. Because, we all know, they always make the soup. 😉

  4. I love how Keizo and edjusted way of describing “that other food site” LOL =D

  5. Sad…I always hate to see good restaurants fail, and WoFo was good! Sorry I couldn't head up there for one last farewell…But honestly, didn't the location have something to do with it? Waaaaay in the back and so much competition. Tell Paul he should reopen down in the OC!

    Geez, I guess I'm not the only one with a beef with “that other food site”…

  6. Hi Keri! The addictive nature of Paul's food that you describe was actually due to the way the green onions were cut. Why do you think sales were up the last few weeks? lol 😉

  7. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to experience Paul’s amazing food. It left me wanting more & more…but then I guess that’s what good food does. It should leave you with a sense of comfort, pleasure and happiness. Well, that, and an accumulation of wonderful memories to accompany these treats.

    Ugh. So now that I’m sad and have a craving for wontons, maybe I’ll figure out a way to get Paul to cook for me everyday. 😛

  8. @DG: Yeah, he'll be back. He's too young and talented not to. We all should meet up for lunch soon before he heads back to the island.

    @kelvlam: Hey, I stopped by yesterday before my bball game and I think you were in there. I didn't see your tweet until after.

    @Pepsi: I miss it already too. Maybe we can get Paul to cater something someday.

  9. Aww man, I am going to need to post that review next.

    That crappy site is biased itself because they let others post link to their blog, but won't let you post up Won Ton Forrest? That is just so foul.

    I missed this place already. I just wished I get to experience more instead of that one time with you and Pam. It's a travesty that I only went once.

  10. I definitely regret I didn't pay more visit while I can. I still remember first learning about this place from your blog, Keizo!

    Then come Nov my sister's wedding, my relatives all came and I decided to take them to give it a try.

    Not until 6 months later after their opening, that would be then Dec 2008… that's when I wrote me “my mom approved!” review on Yelp (I'm a lazy yelper, only consumer but not much writing =P).

    This week, I visited them Thur for lunch, Friday for lunch alone, Friday dinner with my “troop”. And lastly today… and un-plan visit, after church's worship service, I brought along bro & sis to pay a last tribute. I certainly miss the broth, the dry style simply is a no-match!!! I -think- we were the last table… when the sign turned and “Closed” was then displayed. I wish I could buy off the rest of the remaining wonton!!!

    Good luck, Paul & Sarah 🙂

  11. Aww, now why you gotta go & make me (almost) cry? Things just aren't going to be the same w/ out WoFo. Even though it may be awhile, Mr. Paul will be back…the dude is just way too talented.

    Until then, let's keep thinking of ideas to get him back in business! 😀

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