Hanging with my nieces…Jade (4) and Ruby (2)

I’m taking a little break tonight so I can make you say “aawww how cuuute!”
(And that’s without including a picture of me! haha.)

So cute…


Goodnight y’all…

3 Replies to “Hanging with my nieces…Jade (4) and Ruby (2)”

  1. @mabo spice: Thanks! Precious gems indeed!

    @Keri: So does that mean you've melted? Are u sure it's not the heat? Haha. Thanks!

  2. you sure know how to make girls melt.

    it's like posting a picture of a puppy (not that they're the same of course :P).

    the last picture says it all. so sweet!

  3. kawaii!!! (the chickies, of course. not you =P)

    those girls are precious gems 🙂

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