Daikokuya (大黒家) – Hacienda Heights, CA

It’s finally here! The fourth Daikokuya location is now open in Hacienda Heights and is currently in a soft-opening phase for dinner only. Apparently, everyone in the neighborhood is also aware of this because we ended up waiting for over 30 minutes to be seated (no worries though). All menu items are not available yet, but ramen and gyoza were the only two things I was concerned about trying. Understanding that this is only their second day open, I approached the ramen with low expectations and an open mind.

Daikoku Ramen: The soup was definitely not up to par with the LT location, being a tad rough on the tastebuds, but it still represented that smooth Daikokuya feel. The chashu was excellent but the hanjuku egg could have used a little more marination. The noodles were the typical curly noodles that Daikokuya is known for. Overall, it still needs some work, but I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.

Gyoza: The gyoza was also underachieving and not living up to its top 5 status, but I could live with that because they were still pretty good. Just don’t let them sit too long. They’re much better when they’re hot.

From the 60 freeway exit Hacienda Boulevard and head North. Turn right on Gale and it’ll be on your immediate left next to the Mobil Station.

8 Replies to “Daikokuya (大黒家) – Hacienda Heights, CA”

  1. OK, after visiting this blog a few times a week for the last month, I finally broke down and visited Daikokuya to pop my ramen cherry. I have nothing with which to compare it to other than cup-o-noodles, but ooooooh, was it good. The broth was rich and sublime, the chashu was indescribably delicious, I even liked the egg, which I was a little reluctant to try. Foo Foo Tei is next on my list….

  2. I just found another new Ramen store aroud this area.. Sapporo-ya..I like their soup. it tastes not too salty..give them a try.

    18230 E. Gale Ave.
    City of Industry, CA 91748
    (626) 435-0036

  3. @Justin: It's been getting crazy here too. I can't wait to get out to your neck of the woods and compare. Haven't been since I started this blog.

    @DG: They should open for lunch next month. Let's go! I can't believe there are so many ramen options in the area now.

    @Smokeydoke: Yeah, you may want to give them a few weeks to get better. If you only live 5 min away, you can write your name down, go home, and come back. Ha.

  4. It's still a 30 min wait!!! Luckily I live 5 mins away, I'll have to be tricky and come in at 9:50.

    I may just go to LT and save myself the trouble.

  5. the asian ramen/noodle craze is out of hand here in nyc, focused in the east village of course where we now have 3 ramen setagayas within a few blocks. i wonder if the scene is crazier here or in your part of the country.

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