Fresh off the plane and chillin’ with Ivan…in Japan!

I made it back! Yes, I’ll be in Japan for the next 8 days traveling from Tokyo to Hiroshima and stopping wherever I can to find good ramen. But before I could officially get things started, I had to make a beeline from Narita to Setagaya-ku and say hello to Ivan of Ivan Ramen. He’s the guy on the left down below (I’m not sure who the other guy is). Brian from Ramen Adventures was also able to join us tonight. Well, I won’t ramble on too much cuz I need more sleep than THE Bruce Dickinson needs more cowbell. (See, I told you.)

I’ve definitely been craving Ivan’s Zembu Nose Shio Ramen since the last time I ate it. Craving fulfilled! (for now)

Brian got the Spicy Red Chile Mazemen. How good does that look?! (damn good!)

Alright, I kept it short and sweet as promised. I probably won’t be able to post every night like I did on my last trip, but I’ll be sure to update as often as I can. Or you can always follow me on Twitter! See you in Hiroshima!

3 Replies to “Fresh off the plane and chillin’ with Ivan…in Japan!”

  1. @Oakjoo: it's every bit as good as it looks.

    @Nate: Dude! It totally sucks u couldn't come with us. When u get back, ask Brian about the November Tsukemen Festival. We should all do it! Have fun in SF!

  2. oh man! i am hella bummed that i didn't get to go with you guys. i just off the plane in san francisco…and made a beeline for burritos and dark beer. craving fulfilled…for now!

    brian and i had been talking about going to Ivan forever, but mostly do to my lameness, it kept not working out. i still haven't been there, which is basically unforgivable.

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