Speed-slurping in Tsuruga and robot ramen in Nagoya

Day 2 turned out to be more hectic than I planned. On my way to Hiroshima from Tokyo, I decided to stop at Tsuruga, for some real Ichiriki, and Nagoya, for some ramen robot action. The chashu wonton men at Ichiriki was great! It had two types of chashu and fresh little wontons that blasted off in a galactic sea of pepper and spice. Unfortunately, I had to speed-slurp it in 3 minutes otherwise I wouldn’t have made it on time to Hiroshima. I literally sprinted like Usain Bolt to catch my bus back to Tsuruga Station. Luckily, the bus driver let me hop on while the bus was moving.

The ramen robots at Fa-Men in Nagoya were fun to watch, but the ramen they make is disappointingly sub par. The best part is when the robots converse with each other and do stand-up comedy. It’s hilarious.

Anyway, I made it to Hiroshima barely in time for dinner with friends. Now if only I can figure out where in Hiroshima I am…haha.

2 Replies to “Speed-slurping in Tsuruga and robot ramen in Nagoya”

  1. Hi Jen! From Nagoya Station, take the Higashiyama Line (bound for Fujigaoka) to Fushimi. Then transfer to the Tsurumai Line (bound for Toyota) and get off at Oosukannon. Head north and look for a big sign that says Akamon Street. This map should help. Good luck!

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