The rest of the week went sort of like this…

I went to Hiroshima and ate this.

And this.

Then I went to Onomichi to eat this.

And this.

Then I enjoyed the view from my hotel.

And met an angel.

Then I ate Sapporo ramen in Mihara…go figure.

And some more.

Back in Tokyo, I added some noodles to my motsu nabe.

Then ate some cheese bacon yakitori.

Then sang with two beautiful girls.

Afterwards, we ate Bassanova!


Oh yeah!!

Another visit to the Shinyokohama Raumen Museum for Ide Shoten.

And Ramen No Eki.

And just because my brother said “Dude, how come you don’t put any pictures of me on your blog?” Well, here you go.

…at least this is how I remember it. See you back in LA!

7 Replies to “The rest of the week went sort of like this…”

  1. @Anonymous: Neither. It was the ponyo song.

    @THE ACTORS DIET: Thank you! And yes it was great!

    @MONONOKE KITCHEN: Paradise indeed!

    @Fuji Mama: Sorry. That just means you'll have to go back soon!

  2. This must have been either Journey or Aerosmith. I can tell by the high octane snarl look on my face…

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