One last night and one last goodbye…

One last night equals one more night at Bassanova. This time I chose to end my trip with the Tom Yum Ramen. Nontraditional but perfect for the occasion. Thanks go out to Brian for hangin’ out. Spain Bar rocks!

This should hold me over for the next few months. And maybe, if you’re lucky (or if I’m lucky), I’ll share some with you.

But I’m really looking forward to this fresh chashu I picked up. Doesn’t it look so good??

The angel was gone so I was forced to say goodbye to this funky robot instead. Bye!


7 Replies to “One last night and one last goodbye…”

  1. @Exile Kiss: Dude I can't wait to try it. Maybe I should have a ramen party soon. haha.

    @edjusted: Yeah it needs to be in the fridge. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no, but if they did that would be awesome!

  2. Hi Keizo,

    Sugoi! 🙂 At least you were able to bring back a mother lode of goodies; and yes, the Chashu looks like it'll make any Ramen you make here that much better! (^_~)

    Okaeri~ 🙂

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