Original Chashu – Shinyokohama Raumen Museum (新横浜ラーメン博物館オリジナル だし仕込みチャーシュー)

What happens when you combine the efforts of a meat expert and a ramen expert, you ask? Dashi Shikomi Chashu (だし仕込みチャーシュー), that’s what! Made exclusively for the Shinyokohama Raumen Museum, this premium chashu is probably the best store-bought chashu you’ll ever get your hands on.

The special pork used is called Tousou Mugi Buta (とうそうむぎぶた). I’m not sure if there’s an English translation, but supposedly this pork contains less cholesterol and an abundance of vitamin E. I wish my blog could emit smells, cuz this smells darn delicious.

I resisted the urge to just take a bite and managed to cut up several slices for my ramen. Hmm, which ramen should I eat it with?

The makers claim that this chashu will go with any ramen. In that case, let’s take it to outer space!

I know what you’re thinking. Yeah sure I could’ve put in some green onions, some menma or even an egg, but I was lazy. Plus, I wanted this to be all about the chashu (I’ll post about the Ichiriki “Galaxy” nama ramen I used some other time). One word: Out-f’ing-standing! That is still one word right?

Seriously, it was way better than I expected. The moistness it gains from being placed in the soup is incredible. Its tenderness and distinctly delicious flavor would rival many ramen-ya’s. I’m gonna miss it when it’s all gone.

Thankfully, I have another roll!

6 Replies to “Original Chashu – Shinyokohama Raumen Museum (新横浜ラーメン博物館オリジナル だし仕込みチャーシュー)”

  1. Oh! I'm really sorry about that! XD I only closed it off because Google deleted every single photo on it when I had to change administrators! I'm pretty frustrated since I'll never be able to find all of the photos again, so the blog has been kind of…On break, maybe?…Until I figure out what I'm going to do next. 😉

    In the meantime, if you'd like to link me to a place where you've got an email address I can send an invitation to, I'd be happy to invite you while I'm figuring out what to do. I didn't know you read my blog! Thanks!…Er, and sorry for being a little cranky lately. I hate politics and all of the fear-mongering that goes into it to scare people into frenzies. I was surrounded by it just before and after the election and it kind of got to me a bit. ^^;

  2. Hi Dateline Osaka! No cooking necessary. Just cut it and throw it into the ramen. There's gotta be something like it or better in Osaka too. Btw, how's the new house coming along. I do miss reading your blog. Any chance I can become an approved reader? 🙂

  3. Oh that looks lovely! Did you buy that as a piece of marinating raw pork that you cooked when you brought it back, or was it already pre-cooked when you bought it? Looks delicious!!! 🙂

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