Mitsuwa Autumn Fair 2009

“The masters of renowned shops will come in by the flocks!
Smack your lips over selected their specialties.”

Here is the rundown:

10/22(Thu) – 25(Sun) Torrance Store
10/29(Thu) – 11/1(Sun) New Jersey Store
Featuring “Shina Soba.”

10/22(Thu) – 25(Sun) Costa Mesa Store
Featuring “Tan Tan Men”, “Sung Hon Men”, and “Shoyu Ramen.”

10/29(Thu) – 11/1(Sun) Chicago Store
Featuring “Rich Miso Ramen & Rich Shoyu Ramen.”

As always there will be more than just ramen, including “Fish Cakes” of “Murakawa kamaboko”, “Ijinkan Maki” and “Waffles” of “Kobe-Fugetsudo”, & “Okonomiyaki” of “Otafuku”. Check Mitsuwa’s website for more details!

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