Living The Ramen Dream…at Ivan Ramen!

I guess the title says it all. Yup, this is where I’ll be working in Japan…at Ivan Ramen.

I first met Ivan back in August of 2008 and instantly felt connected to his passion for ramen. If you know his story, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean. Since then, every trip to Tokyo didn’t feel complete without paying a visit. So you can only imagine how I felt last month when I finally got the courage to ask if he could help me fulfill my dream and he said YES!

I can’t believe I’ll soon be learning how to make dishes like these. This is definitely a dream. Please do not pinch me. Click here to see the full menu.

So next time you’re in Tokyo, please stop by and say hi. Ivan’s ramen is amazing and you will not leave disappointed! Click here for directions. You can also use this timetable to find your exact route using Rokakoen as the destination.

Ivan, thank you for giving me this opportunity and for being such an inspiration. Words cannot describe how grateful I really am. I promise to work hard everyday and cherish everything you teach me. Once again, THANK YOU!

See you next week!

6 Replies to “Living The Ramen Dream…at Ivan Ramen!”

  1. Hi Rachael!! I told Ivan you left a comment and he says hi! Thanks for finding my blog. Ivan is a great guy and who knows, maybe someday…

  2. How is it going??? Please say Hi to Ivan for me from Rachael L. He is my 'brother in law.' I found your page by coincidence as a link on the OC Register. I would give anything to have an Ivan Ramen here in OC!!

  3. are you going to be writing a book about your experiences? i bet a publisher would snatch it up right away!

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