The cure for jet lag…

Day 2:

The best cure for jet lag is not sleep. It’s working for one of the most popular shops at the biggest Tsukemen Event to ever hit Tokyo. And if you’re wondering why this post is coming to you late, it’s because my body just said f.u. soon after I got home last night. Haha.

It began at 4:30am when I awoke to the cold crisp air and headed straight for the heated toilet seat cover. Okay that was tmi, but man those things can really warm you up! Anyway, upon arriving at Ivan’s shortly after 5:30am, my new coworkers and I spent the next 8 hours preparing for the next day. We boiled and peeled eggs, roasted tomatoes, cooked the soup, shredded chicken, and countless other things one needs to do to serve a thousand bowls a day. It was grueling but 楽しい (enjoyable) at the same time. And it didn’t take long for us to develop that team camaraderie we needed to work through the organized chaos. I also taught everyone the fist-to-fist motion as a new form of banzai and we were soon becoming friends entrenched in battle. The people I work with are extremely cool and have taught me so much just in these crazy two days.

When prep was mostly finished, two of us were sent to go deliver supplies to the Event and also get thrown into the assembly line of making tsukemen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pics while I was there because we had to carry 200 eggs by train (with 2 transfers) and I wasn’t about to do that with a heavy dslr around my neck. The Event was hectic but also enjoyable to be a part of. And I did get to try the lobster tsukemen of Keisuku. It was good, but Ivan’s was better. And I’m not just saying that cuz he’s my boss! haha.

So that was my 14-hour day in a nutshell. I would elaborate but I gotta do this all over again today. Actually, I’ll be meeting Ivan and the crew at the Event in about an hour and spending most of my day there. I’ll take my camera this time and possible take some video too. For now, I’ll let you just stare at the only pic I took on Day 2.

See you later.

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