Working the ramen dream…

Day 4:

This was one of the busiest days yet. We sold 1,200+ bowls in the 10 hours we were open. Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

Just look at all the people!

Luckily, Ivan also invited fellow ramen bloggers Nate and Brian to help out. Without them it would have been crazier! So for just one day, the three of us were Go Tsukemen!, Tsukemen Adventures, and Waseda Tsukemen. Okay nevermind I’m tired dammit. haha.

Here’s a quick snippet of what the day was like. I am the one making the negi and mizuna salad that goes on top of Ivan’s tsukemen. I’ll post a better video some other day, but for now this is just a taste.

This was the highlight of the night. It was when the master chef of 69 ‘N’ Roll One looked over at me while taking this picture and nodded with a quick smile.

Here’s to an awesome day of tsukemen fun. It’s too bad Nate and Brian can’t join me for the rest of the time. We could sure use the help.

I can’t keep my eyes open so I’m gonna call it a night. If you want some more pics and detail, check out Brians latest post!

4 Replies to “Working the ramen dream…”

  1. I had Setagaya today and it was very good. The soup had depth to its flavor much like Keisuke. I'm done eating tsukemen, though.

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