A Message From the Master…

Day 3:

This is Ivan’s booth at the Tsukemen Event. It’s like those portable buildings we used to have in school but with kitchens. This day was pretty intense. It opens at 11am and doesn’t close until 9pm and it was just non-stop work for 10 hours straight. Although it’s tough, it’s just so damn fun!

The ikemen dude showed up in the morning and I was able to take some pics of him posing for pics with the Setagaya master. Honestly, the guy is a bit annoying to me but I still thought it was cool to see him.

Here is the inside of our portable. I’ll post some cool video later on but this is basically where the magic happens. haha.

I ended this rough night back at Bassanova cuz I wanted to show a ramen chef from Okayama what I thought was good ramen. Afterwards, he said it was better than Jiro. Damn!

6 Replies to “A Message From the Master…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Wow, I already wanted to try Bassanova (I must) with your strong recommendation, but now a ramen chef from Okayama even praises it as better than Jiro?! Very nice. 🙂

  2. @ila: he seems like such a jerk in person tho but i wish i could have met him.

    @Chicken: Hi Hanh. “grind” is an understatement. hahaha.

    @jadeandruby: it's too bad u missed rokurinsha!

  3. Sorry for the misspellings. I meant to say Keisuke and thick like Udon. Blogger doesn't have spell check! Aarrgghh…

  4. I went to the Tsukemen Festival again today and had Keiseuke and Ganja Ramen. Keisuke was the bomb! Literally. It had the best tasting soup I have ever had. The soup tasted like Lobster Bisque. I picked up some instant Keisuke at the stand for my wife to try. Ganja was good too, though the over-boiled egg really turned me off. The noodles were also think like Udon which I didn't like much.

  5. kya-! you saw kano eiko! poor guy, he's always on tv, with people pulling pranks on him.
    it's so good to hear that you're having fun in japan.

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