Meeting the real master…

Day 5:

I have no pics to prove it, but today I met the master. I met the real Sano Minoru and for 5 minutes he stood a couple feet from me while Ivan explained his soup. He was definitely as intimidating as his Ramen Nazi nickname implies. Though I did manage to see him smile…just once. Sano-san would only be attending the festival for two days–today and yesterday. I got to try a sip of his tsukemen. I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like, but I knew that it was good. Sorry, no pics of that either.

The rest of the day was crazy as usual and we once again sold over 1,200 bowls. On my break, I got to try the tsukemen from Ramen Jun (らーめん処潤). It had a tangy goodness that changed when you added the miso.

The back fat sprinkled on top was also the bomb. Is your mouth starting to water?

Anyway, that was Sunday. Only three days left of this tsukemen event. Now it’s time to rest.

3 Replies to “Meeting the real master…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Wow, a Ramen nazi and that Tsukemen from Ramen Jun looks amazing. Just the pics alone and you can tell the quality of the dish is leagues ahead of what we have in So Cal. Lucky! 🙂

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