Good times make for bad decisions…

Days 7 & 8:

I arrived at the Tsukemen Event and decided to take one last video of the surrounding fairgrounds before we got started. It was a pretty cool setup. It also makes me wonder if something like this would work in the States. Can you imagine if 8 popular ramen shops showed up in LA for a couple weeks to serve some of the best ramen from Japan? Hmm…maybe someday.

Tuesday was much like Monday. We all pretty much got used to the system we had going so everything stayed smooth throughout. I even got to work all the stations, including the boiling of the noodles. And Rokurinsha was back so I couldn’t pass up a free bowl. It was so damn good!

After we closed up on Tuesday, a couple of the guys wanted to go grab a beer. I decided to go too because these guys know a lot about ramen and I wanted to try to pick their brain. Well, this may not have been such a good idea. One beer led to another, then another, then another, then…

…we were all of a sudden eating at Ramen Jiro in Shinjuku at 3 in the morning. And since it was already so late (or early), I decided not to go home and just stayed out all night until it was time to go back to work Wednesday. I made a bad judgment call and I ended up paying the price for it.

It was also pouring rain, but the Tsukemen Event continued. Amazingly, people still showed up. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I could not function right. I felt like jumping into this huge mound of back fat. My apologies to those that picked up my slack.

This concludes the Tsukemen Event. To begin working at something like this the very next day after my arrival was crazy, yet awesome! A couple days in, my brother asked if I was still jet-lagged. My response: “What jet-lag?” This was definitely a great experience of being thrown into the fire, but I’m sure glad it’s over. I’m exhausted and tired, but tomorrow is my first day at Ivan’s shop. And also my birthday…

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