My birthday…

Day 9:

My first day on the job at Ivan Ramen just so happens to be my birthday. Coincidence? Or is this just the best birthday present one could have? I choose the latter! Most of the prep work had been done earlier in the week so an early afternoon start meant that I could spend the morning running a few errands and just enjoying life. Thus, I went to Don Quijote (or don kiho-te) and just wandered around.

I ended up buying a gatorade and some shoyu ramen drops. The gatorade tasted more like orange juice and the ramen drops tasted like a**. Haha, yeah I don’t recommend those.

Afterwards, it was off to one of my favorite shoyu ramen shops in westside Tokyo–Jiraigen.

I ordered the garyu umami soba to warm up my soul. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

With extra toppings of course.

And then it was off to Ivan’s for my first day of work. I didn’t get to take many pictures but I did learn a lot for it being day 1. Perhaps someday I’ll post all the notes I took and give away some of Ivan’s secrets…nah!!

Afterwards, I met my bro for a drink just in time to do cheers before the clock struck midnight. Overall, my first day at Ivan’s was a success. I am definitely living the dream!!

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