What is Atsumori Tsukemen?

Day 19:

Perhaps I should tell you what Tsukemen is first. Well, Tsukemen is a cold noodle that is dipped in a hot soup. In contrast, Atsumori Tsukemen is a HOT noodle dipped in a hot soup. Although you can order Tsukemen atsumori-style all year round at Ivan Ramen, it is only in winter that you’ll get to try the Atsumori Tsukemen with a special noodle recipe.

The regular tsukemen used a noodle made with rye flour, but the winter Atsumori Tsukemen uses a totally different recipe based on wheat flour. Both are good, but the atsumori is perfect for tsukemen peeps that still crave it in the winter.

There are a few dipping soups that you can choose from and today I chose the goma dare (sesame-based) and loved it! Don’t forget to ask for soup-wari so you can drink the soup when you are done. Trust me, you’ll want to drink it!

I was really, really craving a burger when I got off work so I went to the only place I could think of…Mickey D’s! Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese baby!! Wow, that actually tasted better than in the states.

Can you tell I felt better today? Just one more day until I get two days off!!!

6 Replies to “What is Atsumori Tsukemen?”

  1. Long time reader. I am an American that works in South Korea and have been trying to figure out a good recipe to make tsukumen. What is a good soup/sauce for this ramen?

  2. @Anonymous: Thank you! It's probably more insanity than passion. haha.

    @Kung Food Panda: It is good! Can't wait to make you one when you come in.

    @Jin: It's a secret…I'll tell u later. 😉

  3. Keizo,

    I have been a long time follower of your blog from San Diego, vicariously tasting the delicious ramen through your adventures. I think it's incredible that you have actually moved to Japan to work at Ivan Ramen. Your passion (or insanity) has no limits!

    Anyway, from one Bruin to another, good luck and keep us posted.

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