Early morning beef bowl and more ramen!!

Day 22:

What do you do when you’re stuck in Chiba and you’re friends are hungry at five in the morning and there are no ramen-ya’s open? Beef bowl!!! Yes it’s Yoshinoya. For those familiar with Yoshinoya back in the states, the Japanese version is a thousand times better!

Oh yeah. There are no words to explain. Plus I’m hella tired. haha.

Two thumbs up!!

After my beef bowl, I made the hour and a half trek back to Tokyo and managed to get a few hours of sleep. It was then that I had a dream…a dream about ramen.

Apparently I promised someone I met the other night that I would take her to eat ramen. In that case, off to Shodai Keisuke!

For some black miso ramen!

This was a really strong ramen but it was incredibly satisfying and a great ending to my two days off.

I think I’ll go to sleep now. Goodnight!

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