Black Friday!

Day 24:

For all of you back home in the States waiting in those long lines for great deals, I waited in line too but not for bargains. I waited for Ikasumi (squid ink) Ramen! (Actually, it’s tsukemen.)

Every Friday at Jiraigen, the shop closes and reopens as Black Friday! And there is only one thing on the menu–Squid Ink Tsukemen!

Hence, Black Friday! Squid ink in ramen is generally considered a gimmick since it really adds no flavor to the soup, but Black Friday does a good job of selling it. Plus, it’s hella good!

The noodles were also thick and chewy and very springy.

When you’re done with the noodles you can ask for soup wari to make the soup weaker and drinkable. Mmm. I’m pretty sure the base is chicken with some sort of dashi.

Work today was extra busy and apparently a famous comedian came in to eat a bowl. He’s the guy who does all the Obama impressions here in Japan. Cool, huh? Anyway, hope everyone had a great holiday!

4 Replies to “Black Friday!”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Nice! 🙂 Not only are you living the Ramen Dream, you're also finding all the great hidden gems around Tokyo. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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