The Times…

Day 26:

New York that is. Matt Gross, who writes a frugal blog for the New York Times, came into Ivan Ramen today to interview the master, my boss. Apparently he is writing an article on the obsession of ramen and surprisingly he also wanted to interview me. I was nervous for sure, but talking about ramen always comes naturally. I just know it’s gonna be an awesome article!

In other news, I had the Roast Garlic Mazemen for lunch today for the first time and it was lip-smackin’ good!

Mmm garlic…!


One Reply to “The Times…”

  1. Wow, Keizo! The garlic ramen looks soooo good. And good for you for following your dream! Many of us dream about following out passion but only a few actually has the courage to act on it. I am so inspired by your adventure in Japan. 頑張ってね~。応援してます。



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