"I’m eating pho with the ramen guy? What the pho!"

Day 28:

I bet that’s what Ben and Ivan were thinking when we met up for lunch and yes…ate pho not ramen. Anyway, I’ll get to that later. We did some crazy shikomi (prep) yesterday so I didn’t have to be at work until 3pm. That means I got to have breakfast with the girls!!

And watch them get ready for school. Go Nieces! haha.

Back to the pho. My original plan was to meet Ben and Ivan at the new Ramen Street in Tokyo, but I miscalculated how much time I would have for lunch. By the time we met up, I only had 30 minutes to sit down and grab a bowl. And not to mention we were still about a 10 minute walk from the Ramen Street so we just sat down in the only place that didn’t have a line–Com Pho. I ordered the Green Curry Pho. It was good but it wasn’t the pho I grew up on in Cali. I miss Pho 79!

So let me tell you a little about brothers Ben and Ivan, the first Go Ramen! fans to visit me in Tokyo (aside from my friends). Ben is an artist and inventor on the rise. He showed me some pics of his latest invention that deals with the iPhone and it was a pretty cool idea. I certainly could use one here in Tokyo. Ivan is an internet dude that has designed and programmed some cool websites, including Flixya–a site where you can “share everything” and also make money doing it. They also told me that they like to experiment with making noodles and different soup broths in their spare time. Perhaps someday we can share some good recipes. Thanks for visiting all the way from SF! Next time we’ll go eat ramen! haha.

Ben also asked me for my autograph. I’ve never been asked that before and it felt strange to do so, but I wasn’t gonna disappoint the man and say no. So Ben, you are the first and possibly the only person to ever have my autograph. Take care of it. haha.

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