Another day off…

Day 29:

Although I am living the ramen dream and love my job very much, it’s always good to have a day off. Especially if it means spending it in search of new ramen shops. I recently bought this magazine that lists most of the popular shops around the major Tokyo train lines. It’s a good starting point for someone like me. Unfortunately, Ivan Ramen is not in it. Their loss.

Today I decided to check out Rinki in Nishi-Eifukucho. It’s only a 1o minute trek on bike from my house and my coworker also mentioned that it was good so I was off.

I ordered the Hanjuku Tamago Ramen. I’ll post more about it later but it was a very light broth with thin curly noodles. It was good, but I wasn’t diggin’ the noodles. Their tsukemen comes with “mix-men”, two different types of noodles. I’d like to try it someday.

Afterwards, it was off to Shinjuku to hang out with friends.

And get my picture taken.

That was my buddy’s gf. We are such dorks! haha. Good times!

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