Only time will tell…

Day 35:

I’ve been wanting to buy a new digital watch that I can use during work. I had my eye on a couple G-Shock’s but they all cost over a hundred bucks and I didn’t want to spend that much. So I went with the generic version that I found for less than 2,000 yen (about 22 bucks). G-Shock or not, it works just fine for me.

I also got a haircut from Mike the barber today. He has a barber shop two doors down from Ivan Ramen. His name is not really Mike, but Ivan gave it to him because he reminds him of a barber named Mike from New York. So I call him Mike too. The guy is cool and extremely talented. It’s amazing what he can do with a pair of scissors. I think I’ll call him the human barikan (electric hair clippers) from now on.

Oh yeah! The butcher shop across the way is selling A5 Matsuzaka Beef for the holidays. If you don’t know what that is, it’s arguably better than Kobe Beef. So if you stop by Ivan Ramen for a bowl, don’t forget to take home some A5 too. It’s a steal!

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