My new workstation…

Day 42:

Since I got to Japan, I haven’t really had a place to setup my laptop and work on my blog without feeling uncomfortable. I thought about buying a computer desk, but then decided it would be too expensive. So today I went to donki before work and bought a tv stand for 1500 yen and a mini folding chair for 1000 yen. And voila! My new workstation was born. I guess you can say that this is where the magic will be happening from now on…

We managed to survive another night of work with just the three of us. It was a little slower than yesterday, but we still hit our average. The funny thing is, we received a phone call 10 min before close saying that three girls were on their way asking if we could stay open until they arrived. We told them yes and they actually didn’t arrive until 15 min after our normal close time. But within that time, we ended up serving a dozen more people. So I guess it all worked out in the end. Everyone ended up leaving happy and that’s always the way it should be!

3 Replies to “My new workstation…”

  1. Its great you sold more ramen in the end but were the 3 girls you waited for cute enough for that wait?

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