Goodbye Ramen Girl…

Day 48:

Rest in peace dear. 今日、ラーメン女の為に頑張りました。

Brittany Murphy was born two days before me. It’s so sad that she had to die so young. I know it wasn’t one of her best movies, but to me she’ll always be remembered as The Ramen Girl.

I left my station in a somber mood. I didn’t know her, but I still couldn’t believe The Ramen Girl had died.

Brittany, this shoyu ramen is for you.


Thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Goodbye Ramen Girl…

You will be missed.

5 Replies to “Goodbye Ramen Girl…”

  1. I googled for more information about her tragic death, I could not believe it. I found your kind words and nice photo's. Thank you for this, it cheered me up. Domo arrigato!

    – Narayana from The Netherlands

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