Eve Eve…

Day 50:

Or should I say イブイブ。Today is a national holiday in Japan because it’s the emperor’s birthday. And apparently the Japanese call it “eve eve” because it’s the eve of Christmas eve. Supposedly it’s a special day too and I won’t go into the details but I had to learn the hard way.

It started out as a very nice day. I guess it ended well too (as you will see) but let’s just skip the in between. Normally today would be my day off, but since it’s the holiday and because we’ll be taking a week off for New Year’s, Ivan decided to stay open.

By the way, the butcher across the way is selling these delicious-looking (and smelling) roast chicken’s for the holiday season. They get cooked throughout the day in the rotisserie oven right in front of us and it’s torturous just seeing them rotate round and round. Don’t expect to just show up and buy one either. You’ll have to reserve these chickies in advance.

So yeah, this is how my night ended. At Bassanova

I told you it ended well.

I was talking with the manager and he said he’s been getting a lot of foreign visitors lately so he had these menus created in English.

I’d like to think that I had something to do with it but who knows. Regardless, Bassanova is tha s***!

This new camera f’ing rocks!

2 Replies to “Eve Eve…”

  1. I was just there earlier this month and decided to try the green curry ramen based on your recommendation. I was not disappointed.

    One of my friends asked how I found out about Bassanova. I mentioned your story and she knew about Ivan Ramen. Ivan is next on my list!

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