It’s Christmas…all over the world!

Day 52:

For me, it’s never Christmas until I here this song. Anyway, check out what Santa brought me!

Everything that I asked for. Yes!

Before going to work, I ate a Christmas brunch with my friends at Gusto.

It was a beautiful day!

My Christmas dinner.

Of course I miss being with my family and friends during this holiday season, but that is one of the sacrifices I must make to pursue my dream. Please eat lots of turkey, ham, and prime rib for me today. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Go Ramen!

4 Replies to “It’s Christmas…all over the world!”

  1. @choisauce: thanks! hope you got all u wanted.

    @edjusted: it was great as it will ever be. hope you had a great one too!

    @keri: can you imagine how much money we would have saved if we were friends in high school?!! haha.

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