And then there were three…

Day 54:

From the first minute I walked in as an Ivan Ramen employee, Kimura-san was teaching me how to peel Ivan’s delicate hanjuku tamago. From then on, he was an integral part of bringing me up to speed with every task that needed to be learned. But today is Kimura-san’s last day as he is off to land a job in the sake industry, which his hometown of Niigata is famous for. Best of luck to you Kimura-san! Thanks for all your help!


I won’t share with you the five-letter word that Ivan said before taking this picture, but I can assure you that it was hilarious.

Anyway, so now we will be down one person for who knows how long. Can we handle it? Of course, but it will be a challenge. I’m ready for it!

3 Replies to “And then there were three…”

  1. @LG: You're welcome and thank U for following me along my dream!

    @kimura: It doesn't make sense but なんとなく分かります。 haha. KANPAI しましょう!

  2. If you think,
    “I wish you were here.”
    for example,there was something “Awesome!”
    tell me please.

    I'm not “Incubus”.
    I'm just your friend.

    Let's KANPAI! Yeah!

    Cheers! Ivan Ramen!
    Cheers! Go Ramen!

    By the way…
    Dose it Make sense?
    My English is all right?

  3. Yeah for new beginnings! Once again, I'm kinda jealous of yet another person following their dreams, but in the end it's so cool that they're others just like you following their hearts along whatever path they choose. ::smiles:: & thanks for writing and sharing…

    gambatte kudasai to both of you…


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