Day 55:

Ever since Day 53, I’ve been deathly ill with the worst stomach pains. Okay so I’m exaggerating a bit, but I still felt like crap all day. I wasn’t sure if it was the ramen I ate or what, but I was suffering. Let me just put it this way: Squatting toilets should be banned! haha. tmi?

Because I wasn’t feeling so well, Ivan made me this “Ivan Original” okayu (rice porridge). It was so damn good!

Today was a pretty crazy day. We were already down one staff member and a surge in customers almost doubled our Monday average. Plus Basil Childers, a photographer for the NY Times, came in to take pictures for Matt Gross’ upcoming article on ramen. It’s going to be epic!

One more thing, a drunk man came in as we were closing, ordered the shoyu ramen, took a couple bites, then fell asleep hunched over his bowl. I thought it was hilarious! And then when we woke him up he had the nerve to say that the flavor had dropped. The nerve!! That fool was so drunk he started yelling at people on the street as he left. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I see something like this.

5 Replies to “%$&!”

  1. @jeesung: i think the major difference is the quality of eggs here in japan. it's just different from the states. even mcd's has better tasting egg mcmuffins in japan. it's unfortunate, but i think that's the truth.

    @LG: you are my web mom. haha. thanks for all the kind words.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about you not feeling well. Although it's always been on the far recesses of my mind….but when I read your blog & look at your lovely photos…well as much as I fully support your pro-ramen lifestyle; the inner “mom” goes, “Wow that looks delicious but I really hope he's eating some lovely fiber rich vegetables/fruits to balance that. out”

    I digress, but super sweet nice job for all of you over at I.R on the nod in the article. Is it just me or is the NYT going gaga over Japanese Cuisine of late? The one on bentos was pretty recent…meah for tangents, but more importantly…


    Yeah for having your first crazy alkie in the restaurant! And you're dead right because it won't be the last one. From one hospitality worker to another, congrats!

    PS to Jeesung. QFT on your statements about the lovely tamago representation on GR. Even the new Momofuku Cookbook's egg photos can't hold a candle to K's. Probably because they were made in a wholly non-ridiculous manner. (Helter sketler chopsticks my arse Chang…but now I'm just venting on three wasted hours of my life and a carton of organic eggs)

    Anyho, Keizo I'm glad the congee did the trick & thanks again for sharing!


    and yes TMI indeed…

  3. man, all these bowls with beautiful hanjuku tamago. why is it so difficult for the shops in the US to do?!?

    hope you're feeling better.

  4. yo! is this who i think it is? it's too bad we couldn't hang out while u were here. if u ever want to do a ramen trip throughout japan let me know. hope all is well!

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