A week off!!!

Day 56:

I was feeling a lot better today. I actually woke up starving, but to stay on the safe side I just drank some bland tomato soup. Work wasn’t as hectic as we all thought it would be. I guess everyone ended up coming in yesterday instead. Regardless, we still hit over 100 peeps.

Afterwards, I got a call from Brian saying that him and Nate were kicking it with Basil at Bassanova. I couldn’t resist not going so I hopped on my bike and got there in a flash. This time I ordered the Green Curry Tsukesoba. Wow! I love this place.

When everyone left, I engaged in a conversation with the shop manager, Harada-san, and he explained to me that Bassanova was on the verge of closing earlier this year because the owner was just doing it for a hobby and didn’t really have the time to manage it. That’s when Harada-san decided to move from Fukuoka and leave his family behind so he could keep Bassanova running long enough until he could find a successor. This guy has more guts than I do and he is by all means a “protector” of ramen. We had a really nice talk and I’m glad I stopped by tonight. Thanks Harada-san!

Then it was just Basil and I roaming the streets of Shimo-Kitazawa in search of a chill bar to just…chill. That’s when we found the 808 lounge near the station. This Hawaii-themed bar was definitely chill and the owner happened to have a friend that owns a popular ramen shop called びぎ屋 (Bigiya). And his dad, who walked in as we were leaving, owns a ramen shop nearby too. Man, the ramen connections are endless!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I have a week off?!! Hmm…what shall I do…

2 Replies to “A week off!!!”

  1. Congrats on your 100 covers, even if you might have thought it was going to be slammed…it's better than being dead right?

    Still, that's such a bummer to hear about your beloved Bassanova's plight. My college professors harangue all of us in our program ALL. THE. TIME. that hospitality related businesses (and more importantly food related endeavorers) should NEVER. EVER be taken on as a “hobby”. Although, it's really awesome that your joint has a Saint Harada to keep it going…well even if it is just for a lil' bit longer. A hobby-esque owner never bodes well in my book.

    But super sweet bar find Keizo! Makes me want to go find an ABC store somewhere. Have lots of fun on your week off and thanks again for sharing; it's always a treat to read!


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